A Nightmare On Marketing Funnel Street

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Have you heard this recurring horror story in the online business?

An entrepreneur with an impressive product with RM30,000 to spend on marketing.

He hires top-gun marketing guru by splashing another RM10,000 for a three-month retainer work.

Now he is about RM40,000 to burn – not a lot of budgets have room for more than that.

But this entrepreneur perseveres.

The marketing guru drops the so-called wisdom bombs, telling our dear business owner to grow his revenue…

  • Go to another ‘intimate’ business masterminds
  • Hire sales agents nationwide
  • Create more automated sales funnels
  • Write dumb chatbot messages
  • Run ads on multiple platforms¬†

Mind blown, right?

So the marketing guru then goes on to tell this innocent entrepreneur to hire a marketing funnel expert to map things out…

…to create the systems and automations that make things flow.

Fair enough.

So he does.

He drops another RM10,000 in the process.

Now with about RM50,000 already committed, his bank account melting faster than the iceberg.

His business partner, employees, family all getting a little bit concerned,

He shrugs off the passive aggressive jabs as well as his own creeping worry.

He then takes temporary solace in the inflated hopes and massive promises made by people he already sent limit-busting online bank transfer to.

So the rock-star marketing funnel expert goes to work, wields his marker pen and creates a whiteboard masterpiece that would be worthy of year-round display in the marketing land.

Upsells, downsells, cross-sells…

Front-ends, back-ends, side-ways, tripwires…

Surveys, quizzes, lead magnet, product splintering, offer maximisers

The list goes on and on and on until reaches the orgasm of funnel orgy.

The funnel guy sends an underwhelming PDF or funnel chart, wished our business owner luck, and sends his off.

And after a few shallow breaths, while the Gmail send message is still hot, our unsuspecting business owner gets slammed with this realisation;

He just spend his company’s marketing budget and some of his savings on a series of extremely expensive empty boxes.

It’s the skeleton of a marketing campaign juggernaut – the dead bones of rotting digital carcass without the beating flesh,

Without the beating heart…

Without the body tissue that actually makes things alive…

The one thing that actually makes the ka-ching ring.

It’s the classic, but tragic story of the last marketing campaign horror.

Sounds familiar?

Or was the story scarier than A Nightmare on Elm Street?

You do all the great work to launch a product.

Or gets an ad campaign right off the bat.

You invest all this time.

Energy and money in a product and your business.

You set revenue targets and you get aligned on strategy, and you implement all the right tech.

Only to fall short.

In that critical, the final push should make every step you’ve already taken to the stardom of business.

However, you lament on can’t why on earth you are still not making money.

So what is that thing?

We are talking about the meaty part of that marketing funnel – copywriting.

Yes, copywriting is the lifeblood of your business.

Some may think copy works as a support system in a well-oiled marketing campaign.

Some may assume copywriter is the a labour worker in a marketing department.

Those, however, are entirely wrong.

Because nothing happens until copywriting is written, or assembled on paper (or pixels).

Even better if the copy is convert.

Your server management panel software doesn’t have any paid users until the copy turns free subscribers into paid subscribers.

Your RM2999 online class doesn’t bring money until someone writes a persuasive, compelling copy for you.

Once you know how to convince and convert using words, which is exactly what copywriting is, everything is your business will improve.

Copywriting isn’t just words on a website.

Or words in your ads.

Or words in your mute chatbots.

Copywriting is universal.

So take care this beating heart of your business.

Because when you let it dies, so your business too.

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