The Most Important Question You Must Answer Before Writing An Ad

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You cannot write a blockbuster ad until you answer one question.

Once you have answered this question, your ad will almost write itself.

The question is: “What am I really selling?”

Am I selling cosmetics? Or am I selling the hope of the 30-something woman who lives in Damansara.

Am I selling clothes? Or am I selling a transformed life that will lead to romance and success?

Am I selling a car? Or am I selling excitement, comfort, and an image of the driver?

Am I selling refrigerators? Or am I selling fewer trips to the grocery store because of all the added space, plus dramatically improving the kitchen’s appearance with the fine cherry wood paneling?

Am I selling vacations? Or am I selling an experience the reader and her children will remember for the rest of their lives?

Am I selling gym memberships with treadmills and weights? Or am I selling a new body that will make men who live in Uganda Jaya attractive to women and give them a longer, healthier life?

Am I selling a seminar? Or am I selling a way to give those who enrol an advantage over their peers and competitors that will last a lifetime?

Am I selling a subscription to a magazine? Or access to the information the reader cannot do without and can’t get anywhere else?

Are florists selling roses? Or the easiest way for a guy to get back on the good side of his wife or girlfriend?

Is the phone company selling communications equipment? Or a way to stay connected to friends and loved ones?

Go beyond the benefits of the product. Focus more on how your product/service will make the reader’s life better.

So, what are you really selling?

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